The pandoras Box Media Server offers the best high performance link between projection and digital image compositing. A turkey solution that perfectly unites state of the art rendering technology with intuitive media control.

A high-quality server featuring the most powerful render-engine offers real time compositing in 3D and allows projections on any sharp and any surface. Arrange videos and images freely, change colour, form and position. Synchonize audio data and animate 3D objects such as logos and products.

The physically accurate digital keystone features for any distortion caused by off-angle projection. Multiple projectors can create seamless softedge-blended projections with user defined arbitrary combinations of horizontal and vertical blending.

The Pandoras Box Media Server features a wide range if features and tools for realtime video processing and projection. With the production workflow of our users in mind we always strive to create the most versatile tools that can be applied to different applications.

Output Configuration:

All Pandoras Box Media Servers feature full HD playback and output configuration. This means that both of the DVI output cab be sent to a resolution up to 1920×1080 at 60 or 50hz.

HD Playback:

As the HD format has become the standard for large scale projection, all Pandoras Box media systems support highdefinition video playback. The built-in-HD Mpeg Encoder allows you to convert regular footage as well as custom resolutions to the right format depending in your projects requirements.

Video Formats:

Content is one of the most important items to take care of when working with media servers. Therefore pandoras Box features a built-in-HD Media Encoder to let you transcode the source video clips to the right format.
– Video Format: MPEG2, AVI, Quicktime
– Image Format:. bmp, .jpg, .tga, .png
– Audio Format: .mp3, .wav

3D Multi-Layer System:

With a true 3D compositing environment and up to 16 video- and 32 graphic layers Pandoras Box offers a great amount of flexibility for creative realtime media production. All layers can be freely positioned and animated in 3D space to create outstanding presentations and multi-media shows

Effects Engine:

With over 200 transitions, 200 video effects and 50 different colour and keying filters accessible to every layer video composition is brought to a new level of creative possiblities.Combine 3D objects with texture effects to create unique visual looks and styles.

Advanced Warping:

The built-in warping editor lets you create any custom shape with scalable free-form-deformers (FFD) that enable you to wrap almost any screen shape.

Softedge Blending:

The Softedge Blending feature works hand in hand with the built-in warping technology This way either flat or shaped projections can be setup with multiple projectors. Each output can be offset independently and features individual control of the blend settings on each side of the output to allow both horizontal and vertical blend setups.

Live Input SD/HD SDI Processing:

One of the key features of Pandoras Box is certainly the outstanding quality of the low-latency video input boards we have developed. Featuring both SD and HD SDI inputs with as low as 2 frame buffers of processing time, Pandoras Box comes with a set of real-time de-interlacers to process even interlaced camera feeds at full framerate.

Full Control:

Like all Pandoras Box products you may choose from one of the many protocols to control the system. You may use the powerful features of the built-in timeline or connect a DMX console to get full access to all parameters. TCP/IP, SMPTE, RS232/422, Art-Net, DMX are currently supported. And an SDK to access all parameters from 3rd party applications is provided as well.

Widget Designer:

If additional Userinterfaces are required for interaction or for permanent installs the Widget Designer lets you create custom control sets available to control all systems remotely over the network.