The flagship of the d3 pro range, the d3 4×4pro sets a new industry benchmark for power, flexibility and convenience.

More Outputs:

With the d3 4×4pro, big shows are easy. The d3 4×4pro packs enough power to Push Every Pixel™ over four 4K outputs, or sixteen HD outputs. This means one d3 4×4pro can replace four conventional media servers with four outputs each.  Less servers means less cost, less complexity, less setup time, less rack space, and more control.

More Content:

The d3 4×4pro can play up to 32 HD layers of DXV/HAP content, and split this up however you like, with canvas sizes up to 16K pixels across.

Better Quality:

The d3 4×4pro now supports the high-fidelity HAP-Q codec. Better still, it can play up to eight HD layers of lossless Quicktime Animation.  So now you can respond to the most demanding of clients without breaking a sweat.

More Inputs:

The d3 4×4pro accepts four channels of HD-SDI (up to 1080p@30) or two channels of 3G-SDI (1080p@60), with just 50 msec latency.  Whether you’re in a theatre, arena, or a stadium, the 4×4pro has the action covered.

Faster Media Transfer:

Twin 10Gbit/sec ethernet connections let you transfer huge files in minutes rather than hours. 
For example, if you have 150GB of content, it would take 1 hour 20 minutes to transfer it to four d3 v2.5s. With one d3 4×4pro, this can be achieved in one minute.

Video Format Conversion Cards:

As we transition from HD signal flows to 4K, it’s far from clear which signal standards will dominate. So the d3 4×4pro meets this challenge with an industry first: replaceable video output cards.
Depending on what your show needs, slot in one of the video output cards which will be released over time. The first availableVFC card is quad DVI, giving you sixteen outputs from one d3 4×4pro system.
If you’re working with HD today, the d3 4×4pro will drive sixteen HD projectors from one box, and then gracefully transition to 4K as it becomes more accessible.  As new signal standards become popular, we’ll release new output cards that handle them.

External PCle:

The d3 4×4pro’s external PCIe slot allows you to install our coming range of hardware accessories. Whether it’s more SSD storage, more channels of video capture, or generative content rendering, the d3 4×4pro will go there with you.


The d3 4×4pro is much more than just a computer – it’s a rugged media server.
Its aluminium and steel chassis is internally braced for incredible rigidity and robustness, but it’s still light enough for one person to lift.

Front Panel:

The minimal front face has an OLED display so you can easily identify the machine and its status. The front also features and twin USB3.0 ports for plugging in content drives. 
Opening the front gives you access to the fan filters and the military-grade RAID0 SSD enclosures (up to 8TB).

Rear Panel:

The rear panel sports next-generation lockable Neutrik True1 power. If you lose the cable, you’ll still be able to access theIEC.
All connectors – from ethernet to video to genlock to pro-audio – are lockable, robust, and easily replaceable. We’ve even added an LED worklight so you don’t have to fumble around in the dark.