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6MM Black Face LED

VuePix DigiFlex screens are designed with super easy assembly in mind and front maintenance, which can be fitted to metal frames via the integral magnets with each module. The F Series is made from a special soft material which give the modules flexibility and allows users to create convex and concave curved displays.

F Series modules are the perfect solution for constructing smart,creative LED display systems with the ability to adapt to structures.

  • Convex & Concave flexible display
  • Screws free
  • Magnetic cylinder installation
  • Front Maintenance
  • High refresh
  • Flexible installation system

Pixel Pitch 6.67mm
Pixel Matrix 48 x 24 px
Pixel /m2 22,522 per m2
Brightness 30,000 Nits
LED Type 3-in-1 SMD2121
Module Size (W*H*D) 320 x 160 x 16mm
Viewing Angle 140 degrees
Module Weight 0.55kg
Power Consumption max power 480w/240v
Operating Temperature 0 to 35 degrees C