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The ScreenPRO-II Seamless Switcher is a multi-layer video display system that combines seamless switching with a variety of flexible video effects.
ScreenPRO-II uses four image layers to produce sophisticated effects, including transitioning backgrounds, transitioning picture-in-picture windows, wipes, dissolves and keys. An internal 8×2 analog video router provides universal analog sources to each scaler channel. In addition, up to two SD/HD SDI inputs are available for the scaled channels. ScreenPRO-II features a low video processing delay of three input fields maximum. Key Features:

  • Transitioning PIP or KEY on a transitioning Background
  • Native High Resolution Background channels independent of the PIP/KEY processing channel
  • PIP Effects
    • PIP size from 1/8 to 8X source resolution
    • Adjustable PIP Aspect Ratio
    • PIP Borders, including Drop Shadows and Soft Edge
  • Keying
    • Luminance Key
    • Split Key (Key Alpha and Fill)
    • Reverse Key (Key on Background)
  • Native High Resolution Down Stream Key channel independent of PIP/KEY processing channels
  • Numerous Mix and Wipe effects
  • Video Processing
    • 10-bit Processing
    • 1:1 Pixel Sampling
    • Motion Adaptive De-interlacing (SD & HD) / 3:2 and 2:2 Pull Down Detect
    • Image Cropping / Aspect Ratio Correction
  • Low Video Delay – Less than 3 Input Fields
  • Z-order Control (Priori, layers) for overlapping PIPS or KEYS
  • Capture and Storage of two LOGO images for use as full-screen image or Down Stream Key source
  • Look-ahead Preview