Brett Hawkins

Joined Big Picture in 2005

If you need to know “what’s going on?” at Big Picture, Brett’s the guy with the answers. With a background in film & TV, Brett joined BPA in 2005, training in camera, projection and system engineering. In a short time, Brett’s diverse skill set and unflappable temperament, saw him evolve into the position of Operations Manager.

Covering equipment and logistics, Brett’s knowledge base is diverse, intimate and practical. Across multiple platforms and gigs, he knows where the gear is and why. International or interstate, Brett can get it to you, as ordered, on time and with no fuss.

Most importantly, Brett understands the pressures of production in the field and on the road, and accordingly provides a reliable support network of resources and supplies, ensuring production flows smoothly. Seemly always available, Brett is the first and only call to make when Production decides, “it has to happen NOW!”